Assalamualaikum and hey! Suddenly I miss my blog so much. When I'm playing a game, which is a bit boring for me because i've been playing this game for years, i feel like i want to express my emotions today.

Ok, first of all, why i'm speaking in English? Because my MUET exam is around the corner. But when I think about it again, my speaking test already past. xD Ok I think that my mind was a bit unfunctional today.

Back to speaking in Bahasa Malaysia...

Hari ni rasa bosan tu adelah dlm 99%. Huhu. Tapi biasalah aku habiskan masa aku dengan melayari internet, tido dan menambah lagi lemak di badan. mueheheheh. FYI, aku ni penakut kucing. But, recently.. aku tiba-tiba boleh pegang kucing. Apa yang lebih mengejutkan, aku dah boleh dukung kucing tu dan siap main timang-timang lagi. Huhu. Kucing ni still kecik lagi and his name is Oren. He is such a cutie pie. Dia sangat aktif melompat bagai. Huhu.

Another five days, akan start semester 2 kat Matrikulasi Selangor. Well I am starting to think that i have to buy a new stationery. I miss my fiance so much.

To my dear Solihin,
I miss you.
I miss you.
I miss you.
And i love you.
Although you love Naruto which i hate it.
Although your height is as same as mine.
Although you are so not romantic.
I love you for who you are.
Not for who you have to be for me.
I love your weak side.
Your tears.
Only I can see that side of yours.
Please take care of yourself.
Always get sick easily.
I kill you if you don't take care of your health.
I swear i'll do it.

Ikhlas dari Qaseeh Akasia